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The first thing to understand about the Flow Hive is that it’s not a new type of hive it’s a langstroth hive with a built-in extraction tool. The innovation of the flow hive is in its plastic flow-frames that allow honey to drip out the back of the hive when you want to harvest. A Flow Frame consists of partly formed honeycomb cells. The bees complete the comb then fill and cap the cells as usual. A lever is turned to split the cells vertically, allowing the honey to flow down and out of the hive without disturbing the bees or requiring any processing. Cedar and the Flow Hive team were very disciplined in their approach and waited until they had their sign-ups. Create Your Team If you cannot persuade others to join your team for your crowdfunding campaign then you may not be able to create the crowd needed for a successful campaign.

Flow hive

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If you live in a region where the temperature is very cold during winter, or you would like extra honey yield, you may prefer to use the 7-frame version. Flow Hive Classic and Flow Hive 2 can be chosen with 6 or 7 frames. 6 Frame Flow Hive is compatible with standard 8 frame Langstroth equipment, that is widely used around the world. As here is fewer frames, it’s lighter to lift.

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This is where the queen hangs out at where brood hatches. Nothing special going on.

Flow hive

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Without the blending of conventional harvesting, you can experience the seasonal variations in colour, flavour, and bouquet. New look Adjustable Hive Stand “The Flow Hive is now the largest international campaign ever on Indiegogo,” announced Slava Rubin, CEO of Indiegogo. They surpassed their goal of 70,000 in less than 10 minutes and raised $2.1 million in one day, setting a record for the most funds raised in 24 hours.

. The Flow Hive is based on the Langstroth hive design.
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Flow hive

The price depends on the type of flow hive you choose. They even have a hybrid flow hive that allows for two regular frames in the super, for those who prefer comb honey.

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This is where the queen hangs out at where brood hatches. Nothing special going on.

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Flow hives have been out of stock for several months on Amazon, so I’d recommend purchasing from the Flow website. Plus, if you purchase directly from Flow, you can get $50 off your first purchase of a Flow Hive, Flow Super, or Flow Frames.

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In my opinion there is an improvement in the manufacturing of the new hives, but can be better refined still. Firstly, The Flow hive is just for the honey super. If you ordered a brood box to go with it, should be the same as a standard langstroth hive. This is where the queen hangs out at where brood hatches.

It’s like spinning for $800, which catches a trout for the family dinner. Have you heard about the Flow Hive? It is a new type of beehive that utilizes the most up to date technology to eliminate the need for a honey extractor. As it’s name implies, honey simply flows from this beehive through a spout. With the flow hive you’ll basically have honey on tap.